Federal Employment with NOAA - GML

Federal positions with NOAA are advertised and applications are accepted through the USA Jobs website. NOAA is an Equal Opportunity employer and more information is available through the NOAA OAR Equal Employment Opportunity Program Office.

Additional information on jobs at ESRL is available on the ESRL Jobs Web Page.

New Opportunity (Posted 8/18/22 -9/1/22)

The Global Monitoring Laboratory (GML) is announcing 12 new Physical Scientist (1301) using direct hiring authority for positions spanning across its 3 theme areas (radiation, greenhouse gases and ozone) and observatory operations. Positions will be filled to participate in (ZP-3) and lead (ZP-4) investigations that characterize and understand atmospheric composition and its impact on the net radiative balance over space and time. Applicants are encouraged to identify their interest in the following areas:

The Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks (including halocarbons and hydrocarbons) theme area is seeking to hire five research scientists: two instrument specialists (one specializing in gas chromatrographic measurements and the other in spectrometric measurements), a specialist in scientific interpretation of greenhouse gas measurements, a data assimilation/inverse modeling specialist and a measurement/sampling innovation specialist.

The Recovery of Stratospheric Ozone theme area is seeking to hire two scientists: one for ozone measurements and one for water vapor measurements.

The Changes in Surface Radiation, Clouds, and Aerosol theme area is seeking to hire two scientists to manage, calibrate and analyze data from aerosol and radiation networks.

The Observatories group is seeking to hire three positions. Two positions will be based in Boulder and support both regional and background observatories. The other position will be based at the Mauna Loa Observatory.