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Ulaan Uul, Mongolia [UUM]


  • Country: Mongolia Country Flag
  • Latitude: 44.4516° North
  • Longitude: 111.0956° East
  • Elevation: 1007.00 masl
  • Time Zone: Local Standard Time + -8.0 hour(s) = UTC


Cooperating Agencies

The site is located in the Gobi Desert in southeast Mongolia. The coldest month is January and average minimum temperature of January is -31.6°C. Hottest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 36.7°C.

GML Projects at Ulaan Uul

Carbon Cycle Surface Flasks

Parameter Formula First Sample Date Status
Carbon Dioxide CO2 1992-01-01 Ongoing
Methane CH4 1992-01-01 Ongoing
Carbon Monoxide CO 1992-01-01 Ongoing
Molecular Hydrogen H2 1992-01-01 Ongoing
Nitrous Oxide N2O 1997-04-30 Ongoing
Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 1997-04-30 Ongoing
Carbon-13/Carbon-12 in Carbon Dioxide d13C (CO2) 1992-01-01 Ongoing
Oxygen-18/Oxygen-16 in Carbon Dioxide d18O (CO2) 1992-01-01 Ongoing
Carbon-14/Carbon in Carbon Dioxide D14C (CO2) 2004-07-14 Terminated - 2020-08-19