David Nardini

Staff Listing

David Nardini

JIMAR Operations / Research Associate

Mauna Loa Observatory

Mailing Address:
NOAA - Mauna Loa Observatory
1437 Kilauea Ave. #102
Hilo, Hawaii, 96720, United States

Phone: (808) 933-6965 x229
Email: David.Nardini@noaa.gov

David Nardini

David is responsible for managing theballoon bourne and ground tracking project, such as the ozone and watervapor profiles.  He also assists with managing the NWS meteorological data andrainfall programs, theESRL webmet system, and the Dobson system.   David also assists in the weekly Kumukahi flask sampling. 
Previously worked at NOAA/NWS as a Electronics Technician.

Awards: NOAA silver medal recipient.