Hagen Telg

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Hagen Telg

CIRES Research Scientist


Mailing Address:
NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
325 Broadway R/GML
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: 303-497-4086
Email: hagen.telg@noaa.gov

hagen telg

Hagen Telg is a research scientist in the global radiation group within NOAA's Global Monitoring Laboratory (GML). He received his PhD in solid state physics from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) followed by a Postdoc position at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Hagen first joined NOAA in 2013 with the Chemical Science Division and moved on to GML in 2016.

Dr. Telg's research interests are centered around atmospheric aerosols and are aimed at furthering the understanding of aerosol properties, aerosol-cloud interactions, and associated effects on solar radiation. His work includes instrument development, data product development, the synthesis of a broad spectrum of atmospheric data, as well as the validation of satellite retrievals and model output validation.