Joseph Sedlar

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Joseph Sedlar

Research Scientist

Global Radiation

Mailing Address:
NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
325 Broadway R/GML
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: 303-497-5885

joseph sedlar

Dr. Joseph Sedlar is a research scientist in the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder and the NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory Global Monitoring Laboratory (NOAA-ESRL-GML). He is a member of the Global Radiation Group (GRAD) within GMD. Joseph received his Ph.D. from Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden, and after worked as a research scientist at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute in Norrköping, Sweden, and the Dept. of Meteorology, Stockholm University.

Dr. Sedlar’s research focuses on the interactions between atmospheric thermodynamics, boundary layer processes, and clouds, and how these interconnected phenomena impact the surface and atmospheric energy budgets. He is an experimentalist and has participated in a number of field campaigns in the central Arctic Ocean. His research in the Arctic is motivated by the relatively large gaps in process-level understanding over this remote region. To address these interests, he analyzes a wealth of in-situ and remote sensing observations from short-term and long-term ground-based deployments, as well scaling up the analyses through exploiting satellite data streams and numerical models.

At GML-GRAD, Joseph is a member of the Atmospheric Sciences for Renewable Energy (ASRE) science team. He utilizes high-quality SURFRAD radiation measurements, combined with in-situ and remote sensing observations of clouds, boundary layer properties and thermodynamics, to explore how radiation arriving at the surface is affected by the atmospheric column. Dr. Sedlar also continues to pursue studies related to understanding the cloudy Arctic atmosphere, and the role that clouds have on climate changes in the high latitude region.