Round Robin #7 is currently underway [started: November 2020]

Please Note: The current Round Robin experiment will close on 2024-06-30.

The following table includes information on the set of high-pressure cylinders for the WMO/IAEA Round Robin Experiment currently underway. Cylinder information and results from previous Round Robin experiments may be found here.

The fields are described as ...

  • [RR #] - Current WMO Round Robin number.
  • [Circuit #] - The circuit number in which the listed cylinder is being circulated.
  • [ID] - Serial Number imprinted on the listed cylinder.
  • [Category] - Each cylinder in each circuit has a [L]ow, [M]id, or [H]igh designation indicating the relative magnitude of the CO2 mole fraction within the cylinder (H > M > L).
  • [Fill Date] - Date on which the cylinder was filled.
  • [Fill] - The location at which the cylinder was filled.
  • [Fill Pressure] - The cylinder pressure (psig) immediately after filling.
  • [Parameter] - Specifies the trace gas species for which the nominal value assigned to the RR cylinder and calibration scale are reported.
  • [Nominal Value] - The nominal value (± a value that defines the nominal range) assigned to the RR cylinder. For example, 370 (5) ppm CO2 means the assigned value is in the range 370 ± 5 ppm or 365-375 ppm CO2.
  • [Reported Scale] - The nominal value is reported relative to the specified WMO mole fraction calibration scale if one exists or equivalent. More information on calibration scales may be found here

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