Round Robin #7 is currently underway [started: November 2020]

Please Note: The current Round Robin experiment will close on 2024-06-30.

Participants of the current Round Robin are required to complete the following 4 on-line tasks.

  1. BEFORE THE CURRENT EXPERIMENT BEGINS: Enter and verify your account information using the on-line Account Information form. This step must be completed before the Round Robin schedule can be set.
  3. WHEN THE WMO CYLINDERS ARRIVE AT YOUR LAB: Report the date on which the WMO cylinders arrive using the on-line Cylinder Arrival form. This step must be completed to ensure that you receive your full allotment of measurement time.
  5. WHEN THE WMO CYLINDERS LEAVE YOUR LAB: Report the pressure of each cylinder and the date on which you ship the WMO cylinders on to the next participant using the on-line Cylinder Shipping form. This step must be completed to ensure that the next participant has adequate time to prepare for the arrival and measurement of the WMO cylinders.
  7. BEFORE THE CURRENT EXPERIMENT CLOSURE DATE (2024-06-30): As soon as you are able, report your measurement results using the on-line Measurement Results form. PLEASE NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 must be completed before Step 4. This step must be completed for your results to be included in the final comparison experiment summary.