Surface Ozone (O3), also called Troposheric Ozone, is a critical atmospheric species that drives much of tropospheric photochemistry. It regulates the oxidation capacity of the troposphere, influencing background levels of trace chemicals. Ozone is also a strong greenhouse gas, and is the third most important contributor to greenhouse radiative forcing behind CO2 and CH4.

Ozone is produced in the troposphere by photochemical oxidation of CO, CH4 and non-methane volatile organic carbons (NMVOCs) in the presence of NOx. Stratosphere-troposphere exchange is another source of ozone to the troposphere. Loss of tropospheric ozone takes place through chemical reactions and dry deposition. Ozone is a key trace gas for both the chemistry and radiative balance of the troposphere, and is the principal pollutant associated with photochemical smog.

The ESRL Global Monitoring Division has been measuring surface ozone at several global locations starting at Barrow, Alaska and Mauna Loa, Hawaii in 1973. The map and table below show the locations of surface ozone measurements.

Additional station information.

Locations of surface ozone (O3) measurements.
Code Name Country Latitude Longitude Elevation (Meters) Start End Station Image Data Plots
ARH Arrival Heights, Antarctica New Zealand -77.833 166.200 250 1996 Ongoing ARH.jpg Data Plots
Status Plots
BAO Boulder Atmospheric Observatory, Colorado United States 40.050 -105.004 1584 20082016BAO.jpg Data Plots
BMW Tudor Hill, Bermuda United Kingdom 32.270 -64.880 30 1988OngoingBER.jpg Data Plots
BOS Table Mountain, Boulder, Colorado United States 40.1250 -105.2368 1689 2016OngoingBOS.jpg Status plots
BRW Barrow, Alaska United States 71.323 -156.611 11 1973OngoingBRW.jpg Data Plots
Status plots
EUR Eureka, Nunavut Canada 79.9830 -85.9500 0 2003OngoingEUK.jpg Status plots
ICE Storhofdi, Vestmannaeyjar Iceland 63.400 -20.288 118 20032010ICE.jpg Data Plots
LAU Lauder New Zealand -45.040 169.680 370 2003OngoingLAU.jpg Data Plots
Status Plots
MBO Mount Bachelor Observatory, Oregon United States 43.9775 -121.6861 2731 Status plots
MLO Mauna Loa, Hawaii United States 19.536 -155.576 3397 1973OngoingMLO.jpg Data Plots
Status Plots
NWR Niwot Ridge, Colorado United States 40.0362 -105.544 3035 1990OngoingNWR.jpg Data Plots
Status plots from forest (C-1) site
PCO Pico, Azores Portugal 38.470 -28.400 2225 20112016PCO.jpg Data Plots
RPB Ragged Point Barbados 13.170 -59.430 45 1989OngoingRPB.jpg Data Plots
SFF Walden, Colorado United States 40.664 -106.362 2490 Status plots
SMO Tutuila American Samoa -14.247 -170.564 42 1975OngoingSMO.jpg Data Plots
SPO South Pole, Antarctica United States -89.980 -24.800 2810 1975OngoingSPO.jpg Data Plots
Status Plots
SUM Summit Greenland 72.580 -38.480 3238 2000OngoingSUM.jpg Data Plots
Status plots
THD Trinidad Head, California United States 41.054 -124.151 107 2001OngoingTHD.jpg Data Plots
Status plots
TIK Hydrometeorological Observatory of Tiksi Russia 71.597 128.889 31 2010OngoingTIK.jpg Data Plots
TUN Tundra Lab, Niwot Ridge, Colorado United States 40.0542 -105.5889 3538 2003OngoingTUN.jpg Status plots from tundra site
WKT Moody, Texas United States 31.315 -97.327 251 20092014WKT.jpg Data Plots
WVR Weaverville, California United States 40.731 -122.942 613 2011OngoingWVR.jpg Data Plots

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