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NEUBrew Brewer Umkehr data - find interactive display for Daily Ozone Vertical Profiles and Umkehr N-Values


The PC based version of the ozone profile retrieval from Brewer Umkehr measurements O3BUmkehr (by Martin Stanek) is available for free installation at

Information about updated Umkehr ozone profile retrieval algorithm UMK04

Download algorithm paper in PDF format.

What is new:
  1. New a priori ozone information:
    Readme file Data
    • based on updated ozone climatology by NASA/Goddard (private communication with G. Labow )
    • higher spatial resolution (10-degree latitude bins, 14 bins from 70 S to 70 N)
    • only seasonal cycle, does not depend on total ozone

  2. Updated forward model (readme file)
    coef_dobacdl.txt coef_dobacdh.txt

  3. Updated inverse model
    • ozone profile retrieval in 61-layers (vertical layer resolution is a quarter of the standard Umkehr layer)
    • Rodgers a priori covariance matrix
    • Solar Zenith Angle dependent error covariance matrix
    • linear in ozone retrieval
Data Evaluation and Validation

Reference for 1992 Umkehr retrieval