Data Location

Processed aircraft ozone data from our routine vertical profiles can be obtained from the GML data finder or directly from /aftp/ozwv/AircraftOzone/. Due to our collaboration with the Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network Aircraft Program, flask sampling packages are used on the same aircraft as the ozone monitoring equipment. Data from these packages is located through the Interactive Data Viewer.

The special campaign data can be found on the Special Projects section.

Data Accuracy

The 2B Ozone Monitor measures ozone concentrations to an accuracy of 1 ppbv or 2% of reading, whichever is greater. The instrument records 2-second data averaged at 10-second intervals to give a dynamic view of the vertical profiling of ozone in the lower atmosphere. Initially, the data is visually filtered for instrument misreads. The data is filtered in one-minute intervals (six points) for numbers outside two standard deviations and then a boxcar-smoothing method is used for one minute.

In the experimental stages of using the monitors on small aircraft, numerous inter-comparisons between 2B ozone instruments and ozonesondes (instruments that use a chemical method of deriving ozone concentrations) have been flown at the Colorado site. The two ozone-profiling methods showed good agreement between the instruments.

Shown here is the descent profile obtained on the 30th of July, 2004 with both a 2B instrument (red) and a modified ozonesonde (blue) on the same aircraft flight.